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Policies and politics of Venezuelan migration in Latin America
With over 5.6 million persons fleeing Venezuela, this mass migration is considered one of the largest displacements of our time. The majority of Venezuelan migrants and refugees have fled to and settled in neighboring countries across Latin America and the Caribbean serving as impetus for policy makers and international agencies to develop mechanisms to deal with this mass migration.
International Migration is proud to announce the publication of the Special Section ‘Policies and politics of Venezuelan migration in Latin America’ edited by Associate Prof. Cristian Dona-Reveco and Associate Prof. Luisa Feline Freier De Ferrari. The Special Section collection presents key analysis of the variation of politics and policies across Latin America. It serves as a pivotal guide for migration researchers, policy makers and practitioners concerned with this case of migration in Latin America or forced migration in general. This webinar will serve as a space for the guest editors to present the special issue, its impetus and coverage, and engage with wider audiences about the key considerations emerging with regard to this instance of mass migration.
The Metropolis International & International Migration webinar series seeks to explore various aspects of migration and settlement across the globe. The webinar series speakers will offer a rare combination of expertise at the intersection of migration and policy.

Jan 27, 2022 06:00 PM in Istanbul

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